Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I started crochetting toys and animals for my small cousins and my friends' children, but I soon realised that few people can resist crochetted stuff...And who can blame them:) This one I made for my brother.

After I had made a large violet elephant for my little godson, my brother who is 26 requested "a crochetted animal, twice the size in blue...". So last time I visited him I brought him this big blue moose head... (I just had to make it when I found the pattern - and my brother become the lucky recipient!)
It gave me an extra experience, when I brought it along in the train... I got a lot of was to long to have in a bag so it must have been quite a view ...

The pattern is made by Cecilie.
My version is made of thick yarn and crochetted with a 6 mm needle to make it oversize, and I love the result..and hopefully my brother does too.  The final head was more than 80cm long, and the shape make it perfect as a pillow or headrest for when you watch TV...:)

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