Tuesday, 16 October 2012

African flowers

I have fallen in love with crocheted African flowers - the modern granny-squares. They are perfect to color things up - and at the same time they take me back to my childhood to my grandmothers'  living rooms where there where granny-square-blankets on every chair and couch!

The flowers can be made in different sizes - just add another round if you want it larger.
The flowers are also a perfect way to use the remnants of yarn, which are to short to use to other crochet projects.
I have learnt to crochet African flowers hexagon from Heidi Bears' tutorial...It takes a little patience in the beginning, but then it is easy.

Here are some of the things I have made by African flowers...

I made these wrist warmers after I saw a picture of a similar pair on the Internet...and I just NEEDED to have a pair. They make a cold and bleak fall day a little more fun:)

The flower hexagons used here are smaller than the original African flowers.
Follow Heidi Bears' tutorial  the first two rounds:
Round 3: Ch 3 as the first dc, make 1 dc more into the same space,1 sc, 2 dc into the same space (5). Skip one, in the next space make 2 dc (2). Continue "(2 dc, 1 sc, 2 dc) in same space, skip 1 space, 2 dc in the same space" around. Join rounds...and you have your first mini African flower.
I have used 25 for each wrist warmer. You can just make less or more rounds in the ends according to what length you wish.

I made this ball to my friend's newborn son as I thought the many colors may be perfect for children's toy. And it turned out to be a success. He was still to little to be interested in anything else than sleeping and eating. But my other friend's daughter of 6 months adopted it immediately!

For the pentagons I have used the same pattern as for the flowers. I just started with 10 sc in the ring instead of 12.
Inside the ball I put a little bell.

And who knows what the next African flowers will end up as...

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  1. I like the ball as a a child's toy! It could be used as a pet toy too. Very colorful and fun. Thanks for sharing your ideas.